Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell training provides an optimal form of exercise that will challenge cardiovascular endurance, along with building strength, mobility, flexibility and balance. It is geared towards those that want a high-intensity workout in a short amount of time; it burns fat rapidly and creates a dense strong muscle without adding bulk. You will find that intense mental concentration will assist in the simultaneous engagement of multiple muscle groups; you will tone and tighten glutes, quads, abs and arms. The bonus is building stamina and endurance with each workout.
Kettlebell workouts feature benefits, the other exercise routines may lack. By swinging the kettlebell, you use your body's core muscles to keep your balance while you move. The exercise effectively works your entire body at once. A study by the American Council on Exercise sought to pinpoint calorie consumption from a kettlebell workout, on average, subjects consumed 272 calories in 20 minutes. Exercise physiologists compared this rate to a six-minute mile pace.

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