Pilates Fitness
is a complete approach to exercise that facilitates muscle balance. It is a form of exercise that can benefit everyone. Pilates is gentle, but focused, working from the “inside-out” to make you more aware of your body.

The exercises are a dynamic progressive regime of stretching and strengthening. They are an intensive, focused, gentle, yet rigorous method that employs specially designed equipment and mats. The Pilates approach unites the mind and the body and treats them as an integrated whole.

This approach is non-impact, safe and sensible enough for those with existing injuries and physical limitations, including pregnancy, or vigorous enough for those who want challenges. Many medical practitioners even recommend Pilates to prevent injuries for those whose work or hobbies require exertion.

Anyone interested in developing lean, toned muscles, incredible abdominal strength, improved posture, reduced stress and a feeling of rejuvenation and vitality should consider Pilates.

Pilates benefits everyone, from young children to senior citizens... from people just looking for a fitness routine to people with chronic illnesses looking for a rehabilitative system.

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